Parallel import is the marketing of European pharmaceutical products on the Italian market.

Farma 1000 can, therefore, offer a brand drug, with the same quality but at lower prices than those offered by traditional authorized pharmaceutical channels. The imported drugs are identical to those already available on the Italian market as far as active ingredient, dosage, therapeutic indications and posology are concerned. The product is available with packaging in Italian, together with the package leaflet in Italian, and has a State Printing Office and Mint price tag, thereby ensuring the legality and traceability of the drug.

In Italy parallel import is regulated by:

  • EEC Treaty Articles. 30-36
  • The Communication from the European Commission COM(2003)0839 of December 30th, 2003 on the parallel imports of proprietary medicinal products for which marketing authorizations have already been granted
  • Legislative Decree of April 24th, 2006, no.219 on "The Implementation of Directive 2001/83/EC relating to a Community code concerning medicinal products for human use, as well as Directive 2003/94/EC"

Ministerial Decree of August 29th 1997 "Procedures for the authorization of parallel import of medicinal products for human use"

Farma 1000 is the holder of around a hundred authorizations for the parallel import of class A (reimbursed by the NHS), Class C, OTC products, SOP products and medical device.


Farma 1000 adheres: