What is a parallel imported drug?
It is the same drug that is already sold on the Italian market, but which comes from other EC-member countries and is introduced through the traditional distribution channels.

Is a parallel imported drug a generic drug?
No, it is not a generic drug. It is a brand drug that has the same qualitative and quantitative content of active principle, identical therapeutic indications and posology as the product already present on the Italian market.

Is parallel import legal?
Yes, parallel import is legal and is based on the fundamental EC-principles on the free movement of goods and on the exhaustion of intellectual property rights (ref.: Articles. 28-30 of the EC Treaty) as well as on the Communication from the European Commission on the parallel imports of proprietary medicinal products for which marketing authorizations have already been granted - COM(2003)0839 dated December 30th, 2003. The regulations on parallel import were implemented in Italy by the Ministerial Decree of August 29th, 1997. Traceability is ensured by Farma 1000 while complying with the regulations approved by the Ministry of Health (ref.: Ministerial Decree July 15th, 2004). Transportation is followed by Farma 1000 from the country of origin up to destination, where the drug is controlled again, and then repackaged. In Italy Farma 1000 complies with the rules concerning transport at controlled temperature.

Are parallel imported drugs safe?
Absolutely, Farma 1000 purchase drugs from dealers that are authorized by the respective Ministries of Health in the exporting country. The repackaging operations are entrusted solely to pharmaceutical plants authorized by AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) for secondary packaging, pursuant to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) regulations.

Why must parallel imported drugs products be repackaged or relabelled?
The parallel imported drugs must be repackaged or relabelled so that its original packaging, in a foreign language, conforms to Italian legislation. Repackaging occurs in workshops authorized by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA) in compliance with GMP regulations.

Why purchase parallel imported drugs?
The purchase of parallel imported drugs is advantageous for pharmacists and allows patients to save money, since they can purchase a brand medicinal product at a lower price. This saving is possible due to the difference in price of the same product in the Member States.

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