Farma 1000 Srl is an Italian company based in Milan that started its activities in 1998. It is one of the leaders in parallel import and distribution in Italy of pharmaceutical products for human use, parapharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Farma 1000 is one of the founding members of the AIP(the Association of Holders of Authorization for parallel import of medicines from Europe) which is itself a member of EAEPC (European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies), an organization that brings together European companies engaged in the repackaging, sale and distribution of parallel imports in the European Union.

Farma 1000 uses a sales force specialized in visiting pharmacies and disclosing information and characteristics of our products to health professionals.

Our aim is :
to help healthcare professionals increase their profitability and
reduce health costs for their customers.

Farma 1000 adheres :